Dominator 600

Need a boat that have maxed out all the safety you need and can host the smal family/ fishing team?


Dominator 600 cabin

The 600 is a great tool for offshore fishing.It's small, easy to transport and store. It has high safety and a complete fishing performance


Dominator 600 center consol

If you're looking for a fishing adventure at a nearby sea or lake, 600cc is your best partner.  
This model have a center console and you will get a large deck space!

Dominator 685

Bigger boat bigger catch? We cant promise you a good catch, but we do promise a good time on the 685


Dominator 685 CC

Simply need a bigger boat to tackle even rougher sea? Dont worry we got your back!


Dominator 685 Cabin

Big enough to stand the fearless ocean, small enough to put on a trailer.

Dominator 750

We got it, you need the bigest and badest boat that fear no bad weather at all. Simply the Queen of the ocean!


Dominator 750cc

This is for the angler that is serious with their fishing


Dominator 750 W / EU

The need for a huge fishing deck and the protection for the entire crew as well?

E750 XL 77.png

Dominator 750 XL

ITS HUGE! Our biggest cabin for the 750 series, seating 8 people inside and plenty of space on the deck.

Dominator 900

Offering a huge cabin and a huge deck, this is the ideal solution for captains with the need for a lot of space


Dominator 900

Hosting fishing trips, have a crew for tackle the biggest fishes in the ocean? Whatever need for space you have, we have the solution